Some passions do not just happen. Fabio Desiato’s passion for direction was born during his studies at the university, when he enhanced of Kubrick and Sorrentino and got his hand dirty with his first short films. During this period the power to narrate stories through dynamics images revealed itself in all its greatness. According to Fabio this was a flash of inspiration and thanks also to his curiosity attitude, sustained by an excellent technique, within few years he founded “Fade Production”.

The early earnings were invested in equipments and this increased and consolidated his experience and unreal. He filmed, experimented, found his style and he followed a philosophy of shot that arose his enthusiasm. He knew Ilaria, a woman of great visual culture and his future life partner, there was soon affinity between them. Ilaria was an expert in the care of details and supported Fabio in every project. It was born an unprecedented, professional, emotional and dynamic bond.

They represent the Feelmakers, passionate creators of movement images, capable to narrate your story, with sensibility and creativity, through a film that makes you unforgettable.


Every feelmakers establishes a deep feeling with the main character of the video that will be filmed, to guarantee a high quality final product where nothing is left to chance.

For this reason Fade does not accept more than two jobs in the same day, to guarantee the same attention for each project, to the best of its ability. The services provided by Fade include video weddings, corporate commercials, promos and include also ceremonial photography and not.

In every occasion Fade feelmakers will tell you a specific story, with passion and professionalism to make it unforgettable.



Camera Cinema
3 Videomaker with service drone
Personal packaging with USB pen drive with

  • Trailer (about two minuts)
  • Film (about 10 to 15 minutes.

Wedding complete photo service (upon request):
1 photo album reserved for newlyweds
plus 2 photo album reserved to their parents.
Commercial photo shooting.